Stir fry Prawns with Rice

Well tonight I had the most delicious and moreish dinner.  Stir fry Prawns with Rice.  It was quick, easy, scrumptious and better than any prawn dish I have ever ordered at a Chinese restaurant.  The prawns were perfectly cooked, succulent and juicy and not in the slightest overcooked or rubbery.  I forgot to take any photos, as it looked and smelt sooooo good I just wanted to eat it, but I have absolutely no doubt that this will be on my menu again soon and I will upload some pics then.


Ingredients: (serves 2)

3 cloves garlic, peeled

5g fresh ginger, peeled

1 tbls white wine

Pinch sugar

1/2 tsp salt

3-4 black peppercorns

1 tbls soy sauce

10g oil for marinade and 20g oil for stir fry

400g raw prawns, shelled

140g white long grain rice (approx 70g per person)

900g water


1. Blend all ingredients (except prawns and 20g of oil) for 1 minute, speed 10.  Pour over prawns and marinate for 1-2 hours (I only let them marinade the amount of time it took for the rice to cook). Do not wash out the TM bowl.

2. Put rice in basket and rinse.  Insert into bowl.  Add water and cook 15 minutes, Varoma temp, speed 4.  Once cooked, take out basket and keep warm.  Discard water.

3. Heat 20g oil in TM bowl for 2 minutes, Varoma temp, speed 1.

4. Add prawns with their marinade.  Cook 3 minutes, varoma temp, reverse, speed 1.

5. Serve immediately with rice and all juices.


Enjoy and stay tuned for my next Thermomix Tassie Yum adventure.


Tomato Relish

Well my boyfriend LOVES tomato relish and eats it likes its going out of fashion, so I looked around and found this recipe for the Thermomix.  I have never made relish or any sort of preserves or condiments before (either with the Thermomix or otherwise), so I thought, here goes nothing.

I got a kilo of yummy fresh home grown tomatoes from my mum and the rest was just pantry ingredients.  Quick, easy and delicious.  I have now become a tomato relish convert :-)



330g onion, peeled & quartered

1kg tomatoes, halved

330g sugar

1/2 tbls curry powder

1/2 tbls dry mustard

1 tsp salt

1 tsp mixed spice

dash of vinegar

1 tbls cornflour


1. Place onion into TM bowl and shop for 3 seconds on speed 5.

2. Add remaining ingredients and mix for 5 seconds on speed 5.

3. Cook for 1 hour at 100C on reverse speed 1.

4. Bottle while hot.


This would be a great Christmas pressie idea – perhaps a hamper of goodies for everyone – including tomato relish, chocolate truffles, shortbread, perhaps pickles of some sort and a jam.  Sounds perfect to me.  I will have to trial some recipes throughout the year ready for this Christmas.  I know, I know, its months away, but boy time flies :-)

I hope you enjoy the tomato relish just as much as I do and my boyfriend certainly does :-)