Creamy Tomato and Salami Spaghetti

One of the first questions people ask when they first get their Thermomix is:

What should I cook first??

And i recon nearly one of the first suggestions every time is the Creamy Tomato and Salami Fettuccine recipe from the EDC cookbook.

So after having access to a Thermomix for the past 2 months and having cooked up quite a storm, tonight was the night and I finally cooked it.  And boy was it YUMMY!!!  The only alterations i made (and only because i didnt have something but had something esle) were, i didnt have fettuccine but i had angel hair spaghetti and i left out the capsicum but added some spinach leaves at the end.  It was just so easy, a one-pot wonder.  It was yum and there are leftover – even better!! :-)

So it is now also my suggestion – when you first get your Thermomix – cook the Creamy Tomato and Salami Pasta – you will not regret it.

So until my next Thermomix adventure – enjoy and have fun :-)