Garlic Cream Pasta Sauce

So here is another post without photos.  I seem to be in too much of a hurry to gobble the yummy dinner down to actually stop and remember to take a photo.  Well I had some ravioli in the fridge and wanted a sauce to go with.  Much to my own detriment I prefer cream based sauces over tomato based ones.  So I whipped up this sauce while the ravioli was bubbling away on the stove.


2 garlic cloves, peeled

Knob of butter

5 cherry tomatoes (or 1 tomato)

1 zuchinni, medium size, roughly cut into chunks

200g cream


1. Put garlic in bowl and chop 5 seconds on speed 5.

2. Add butter and cook 1 minute, varoma temperature, speed 2.

3. Add zuchinni and tomatoes, chop 5 seconds on speed 5.  Cook 3 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 2.

4. Add cream and cook 5-8 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 2 – or until reduced somewhat.  I put the MC on its side in the whole for steam to escape to help with the reducing, and also a piece of paper towl over the top to control any potential splatters out the top.

5. Serve on your pasta of choice – in my case some beef, tomato and parmesan ravioli.  Top with some parmesan if so desired.

Enjoy :-)